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Our environment faces big problems. Luckily, Earth is home to brave and courageous problem-solvers like you! Solve for Earth will help you ask questions, take action and recharge hope. You will connect with scientists and innovators to guide you in developing your own plans for a sustainable future.


Let’s all work together because Earth needs problem-solvers.

The Tech Interactive is proud to share this virtual sneak peek of Solve For Earth. This exhibition explores the connections between technology and living in harmony with your environment. We can’t wait for you to join us in person later this year when Solve For Earth opens at The Tech Interactive.

Team up with friends and family to make an impact using Ecochallenge at The Tech! Ecochallenge is a free and open tool that makes it easy to plan positive action.


The power of groups organizing is one way towards a healthier, more sustainable world — and Ecochallenge is where to start!


Technology can change the world. Some of the most creative uses of tech are tackling climate change head on. Watch these videos to learn about the people and the tech they invented to make the world better and healthier. 


What problems do you think we need to solve?

Scientists started out just like you. They wanted to help people and learn more about our world. If you’ve never met a scientist before, this is your chance to hear more about the exciting things they discover and how they do it.


Can you identify the characteristics that make these scientists great problem-solvers? Which of these characteristics do you share and how do they make you a great problem-solver?

The resources you find here will come in handy on your journey to living in balance with the Earth. Come back often for new activities, videos and experiences.

About the Exhibit

The Solve for Earth exhibit at The Tech Interactive creates a space where we can discuss as a community how to live sustainably and reduce the impacts of climate change. Solve for Earth looks at the whole picture: where we live, what we eat, how we move and more. We also hope to inspire positive action at a community level.


We look forward to learning what’s important to you and how we can work together to make positive, healthy changes.

3D Rendering of Solve for Earth
3D Rendering of Solve for Earth
Sustainable Cities in progress
Sustainable Cities in progress
IMG_3818 copy

Exhibit renderings and under construction photos. Solve for Earth opens in 2021.


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