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Educator Resources

The resources you find here will come in handy on your journey to living in balance with the Earth. Come back often for new activities, videos and experiences we add to this page.


Caution! Wildlife Crossing
Activity Guide and Video, Grade Levels 1+

In this fun activity, you will work as an engineer to build and test a wildlife crossing for a specific animal’s needs. Use your creativity and imagination to figure out how to help an animal cross the road safely!

Subject: Biodiversity

Time: 20+ minutes

Key Concepts: Biodiversity, design challenges, problem solving, iteration


Building a Storm Drain
Activity Guide, Grade Levels 2-8

Create a storm drain cover that can keep trash out while letting water pass through in order to protect our waterways.

Subject: Engineering Design Challenge, Earth Science

Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Key Concepts: Watershed, pollution, storm drains, iteration, problem-solving


Responsible Reservoirs
Activity Guide, Grade Levels 5+

You’re the mayor of a growing town and you need to decide whether or not to build a new dam to generate electricity. What factors will you consider? Would thinking like a computer help you decide? Play Responsible Reservoirs to find out!

Subject: Environmental Science

Time: 20+ minutes

Key Concepts: Computational thinking, decomposition, cause and effect, human and environment interaction, hydroelectric power


Purposeful Packaging
Educator Lesson Plan and Unit Plan, Grade Levels 6-8

In this math unit, students will play the role of packaging engineers, exploring how to protect shipped items in innovative ways.

Subject: Math

Time: 90 minutes

Key Concepts: Averages, data analysis, environmental impact, sustainability


Scientist Stories
Educator Lesson Plan and Videos, Grade Levels 6-12

Through the Scientist Stories video series and lesson, learners will reflect on the lives and careers of a diverse set of role models. Then, they'll explore their preconceived notions of scientists, connect with science careers and recognize the qualities they share with scientists.

Subject: Science

Time: 60 minutes

Key Concepts: Role models, careers, Innovator Mindsets

SS-Margaret Torn_05.jpg

Connecting with Climate
Educator Lesson Plan, Grade Levels 6-12

In this systems design activity, learners will explore how to problem-solve when approaching large-scale, multidimensional issues like climate change.

Subject: Environmental science

Time: 90 minutes

Key Concepts: Brainstorming, problem-solving, sustainability, communication, organization


Emerging Technologies
Educator Lesson Plan, Grade Levels 7-12

In this lesson, students examine environmental issues through the lens of four emerging technologies. They consider the challenges these technologies might face if they were adopted in their own communities. Working in teams, students will develop both a potential solution and a pitch to address possible challenges.

Subject: Environmental science

Time: Three 60-minute sessions

Key Concepts: Sustainability, problem-solving, systems design, presentation skills

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