Educator Resources

The resources you find here will come in handy on your journey to living in balance with the Earth. Come back often for new activities, videos and experiences we add to this page.

Caution! Wildlife Crossing

Educator Guide and Video, Ages 6+

In this fun activity, you will work as an engineer to build and test a wildlife crossing for a specific animal’s needs. Use your creativity and imagination to figure out how to help an animal cross the road safely!

Subject: Biodiversity

Time: 20+ minutes

Key Concepts: Biodiversity, design challenges, problem solving, iteration

Scientist Stories

Educator Lesson Plan, Grade Levels 6-12

In this lesson learners reflect on the stories of a diverse set of role models through the Scientist Stories video series. Through the lesson, students explore their preconceived notions of scientists, connect with science careers and recognize the qualities they share with scientists.

Time: 60 minutes

Key Concepts: Role models, careers, Innovator Mindsets